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Universal quality assurance system solution


Quality checks are performed by operators directly at the production line during the production procedure. When doing that, they follow a checklist, though no adequate records of when and by whom the check was performed and whether the check has been duly completed are maintained. Therefore, implementation of a software solution to monitor quality checks in the production plant is required. The software application should guide the operator through the quality check and, at the same time, provide online monitoring of quality checks to managers.

It was required by NEMAK to develop an application capable of making the whole quality assurance process clear and efficient.

The required software application guides the quality assurance operator, step by step, through the quality check. At the same time, it records all logins, all steps of each quality check and their results. Thus, it is clearly visible when and what quality check with what result was performed. Detailed reporting provides a general summary of results for the quality checks. Touch screens make the use of the application easier in the production line environment. Not only does the application deal with all current issues in the existing system, but it proves to be a versatile monitoring tool for all (both present and future) production quality checks performed in NEMAK.