Database systems – Effective data storage and quick access to data

Do you process big volumes of data which you need to sort according to specific criteria in your company? Are you tired of processing hardcopy documents using hundreds or thousands of Excel charts or files? Have a turnkey database system implemented by! Database systems are suitable for smaller applications, like accounting, as well as for the needs of extensive systems of data management across all the departments of your company or organization. develops database systems from the grounds and tailored exactly to our clients’ individual requirements. We know exactly how to achieve the goal our client requires, thanks to out more than fifteen years of experience and close communication with the client.


The basic attributes of database system implementation include:

  • Modular solution providing for maximum flexibility in introducing each part of the system and innovating it
  • Standardized control placing minimum demands on operators
  • Effective performance of inquiries over the selected database
  • Possibility of sorting the result according to a key of choice
  • Easily configurable data export
  • Internet and intranet support
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Operation withWindowsLinux operation systems
  • Database platforms:MS SQL, MySQLInterBase
  • Sophisticateddata security and protection

High-performance, stable and technically advanced product

Our turnkey database solution is focused exactly on the aim which you need the database system for. We shall design a database with special database objects for complete work with your data. We deal with implementation from small database applications up to extensive systems for Data Warehousing and Analytical Data Processing on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 platforms.


We are experienced in international projects done for big multinational companies as well as applications developed for smaller Czech clients. Our database applications cover a number of mainly economic records of our clients. We shall take care of your data, providing for their security and offering you comfort in data management. Make sure of the advantages of database systems, see references from our clients, and order a database solution today!