ECN is able to guard tens of changes in manufacturing processes

An effectively set ECN is one of indispensable preconditions for the running of large manufacturing companies. While an Excel chart is sufficient to register and organize changes in manufacturing processes in a company with ten or twenty employees, a larger manufacturing company cannot do without automation. The implementation of ECN, or Engineering Change Notice means, for your manufacturing company:

  • Smooth, swift andtrouble-free course of change in the manufacture
  • Effective communicationand coordination of all departments and divisions involved
  • Complete automation of the ECN process
  • From the R&D (Research & Development) division through all the departments back to R&D
  • Regular notifications,change updates, and deadline alert

It is not humanly possible to manage to guard tens or even hundreds of processes, moreover of different duration and belonging to different departments and divisions. ECN by provides for full automation of all manufacturing change processes. Take advantage of our experience of more than 15 years in implementing ECN systems, and contact us right now!

We provide ECN both for serial and custom-made production, regardless of the product

It does not matter whether your company has serial production or produces to order, neither is important the type of products your produce., a renowned supplier of information systems and database applications, is able to implement functional and reliable ECN systems to any manufacturing company. Thanks to reliable ECN, your production will run in a coordinated way and without problems across countries and regions – for example, we were able to implement an ECN system in companies having branches both in the Czech Republic and in Hungary.

Trust our fifteen-years’ experience and the reputation we gained even beyond the borders of our country and of the region of Central Europe. Contact us for more detailed information and procure smooth course of all changes in manufacture for your company thanks to ECN. Contact us now!