Managerial information systems to improve your company’s data organization

Do you need to assure effective communication between the departments of your company? Do you use e-mail communication end Excel charts for company data management and transfers? Do you spend too much time creating plans, approving process changes, reporting and making analyses? Make your work easier and have a suitable managerial information system implemented by specialists from right to measure of your specific needs.


What are managerial information systems able to do?

A managerial information system (MIS) is an indispensable tool of any middle-size or bigger company where a major volume of data is processed every day, contracts are registered, projects are planned, communication is kept with customers and suppliers.

  • It sorts out data from many systems and departments (accounting, controlling, planning, production, sales) and warehouses them in a single place
  • Manages records of offers
  • Creates andchecks budgets
  • Records andtreats invoices
  • Manages and trackssupplier projects
  • Supports customer relationships
  • Processes analyses and statistics
  • Createsreports
  • Distributes data processed


During the last ten years, we have developed a number of turnkey managerial information systems, from smaller applications, through SRM and CRM systems, up to large information systems for project management of large companies. Multinational corporations doing business in Europe, Asia and America belong to our customers. Look whom we have already implemented a managerial information systemSave costs and replace ineffective and lengthy organization of all company documents with a user-friendly managerial systems able to guard the management of all data automatically, instead of you. Order a managerial information system today!