Helpdesk Software – Your quality services cannot do without functional customer support

Do you want to be as helpful as possible for your customers? Provide them complete technical support using Helpdesk Software. It is a specific, turnkey software solution which we supply to IT companies. What is Helpdesk Software, the application of detailed technical support requirement management, able to do? 

  • It centralizes registration of user requirements and the solution thereof
  • It monitors and evaluates the course of solution of requirements
  • It monitorsonline response times
  • It approves the course of activity and each solution on multiple levels
  • It processes both regular and one-time reports

What are we specialized in?

  • Development ofHelpdesk Software for IT departments of medium-sized and large companies and institutions
  • Interface interconnectedonline with accounting systems
  • Records and allocation of IT assets
  • Interface with systems for centrally evaluated HW and SW audits

The result is working with clients more simply and more effectively at the same time

Do you receive many demands every day? Have a specialized helpdesk application implemented by us to make the interface clearer both for the solver and for the client. User-friendly environment, easy operation, and acceleration of all conditioned processes will help to solve the client’s demand quickly, precisely and  comfortably at the same time.