Software for municipal police: We made it in Prague, we can make it in your city, too

Software for municipal police is a speciality of  We have developed our own CEP software which we have cooperated in with the Municipal Police of the capital of Prague since 2001, and the system has become a champion among public administration  information systems. Like the policemen from Prague, you can also make use of the unique software. What does it bring to you?

  • Recording and processing large volumes of data of the municipal police
  • Vast area of administrative and operational tasks of everyday operation
  • Remarkably more advantageous price than that of our competitors
  • references from Prague where CEP is used with success

Order software for your municipal police, and work much more effectively., the leading Czech supplier of information systems with more than 15-year experience, will implement the CEP system to provide more much better administration of police data than up to now. Contact us now!

Faster handling of administrative infractions, towages, and penalties

CEP software for municipal police enable you a complex solution of administrative infractions, preparing statistics of your activities very quickly. Verify that it is no by chance that the CEP system has become the absolute top in its branch as fast as during the first two years after it was launched in 2001 and why it has maintained this position since without difficulty. The CEP system by will arrange for the following tasks:

  • Summons to provide explanation
  • Fixed penalties
  • Executions
  • Easy inputs and well-arranged outputs in recording activities
  • Database and administration of towages

Make use of services of the leading Czech supplier of turnkey managerial information systems  and the most recent database applications and order software for municipal police. Administer your data as effectively as the Municipal Police in the capital of Prague and other important municipalities of the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate and contact us today!