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Specialized in organization of children’s leisure time activities, Krouž is the biggest player in this industry in the Czech Republic. In addition to traditional after-school clubs, Krouž organize children’s camps, skiing courses, trainings and other events mainly for school-age children, but also for their teachers and tutors.

We have developed a comprehensive information system for Krouž addressing their needs for processing of all operating and economic agendas.

Starting from online sign-in of users interested in an event, through automated processing of payments, and ending with email notifications of the course of each lesson. Starting from recruiting of after-school club tutors, group leaders and camp supervisors up to their assignment to events based on their specialization and expertise. Starting from stock management dealing with teaching aids and their lending up to payroll for each teacher and tutor.

In short, everything is integrated in a single information system making the management of a company with a relatively small number of back-office staff members able to manage efficiently an entity employing thousands of teachers and tutors and providing service to tens of thousands of children around the whole Czech Republic and, lately, also in Bratislava.