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All data well and clearly organized in a single location

KOVOSREAL required implementation of a software solution to make documentation available to the workers in its production plant. All documentation needed by the production workers was stored on a file server. It had to be printed out and the printed copies were made available to them. It was rather difficult to make sure that the version printed was the most recently updated version and the whole process was quite costly.

The KOVOdoc application manages documents in a transparent and systematic manner

The internet application has succeeded in making the work process easier and more efficient. Documents are stored in a single database and the application is automatically updated every 24 hours (during night time). The way of doing the work has not changed significantly, but the system of classifying and cataloguing documents is more efficient and the database outputs are updated and more accurate. Every and each day, updated versions of all documents are available at each production station. Touch screens are appreciated by the employees as user friendly. Generally, the structure and system of the new application are perceived positively.