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Billing System – a progressive method of invoicing for large companies

Do you register thousands to millions of invoices each month? Save your time and labour and introduce the automated Billing System by DabiS.cz in your company! Thanks to the modern and centralized Billing System, you keep a good track of all your financial receivables, all data are available in a single place, and a number of key data, like the index of bad payers, can be evaluated exactly.


Your keep a good track of each invoice with the Billing System

We developed a specific Billing System, which registers and checks all outgoing invoices issued to end customers, for the Albanian subsidiary of ČEZ. The program to make invoicing more effective replaced the existing, unsatisfactory billing systems which ČEZ had took over from Electricity Distribution Company of Albania (OSSH).

ČEZ’s Albanian subsidiary was issuing million of invoices for twenty areas of activity in twenty separate billing systems which had a different structure and a different user environment with different tools. We replaced the completely disparate system of invoice management, without any technical documentation, the majority of passwords, and without the support of the original authors, with a remarkably more modern and efficient Billing System.

We created a data warehouse in a very short period, which contained data from the twenty areas. we implemented en effective reporting enabling ČEZ to evaluate a number of key indicators in a more precise way and to detect the “non-technical losses” better. We unified data structure and functionality in the twenty locations, thus centralizing a completely new Billing Systems, within which a new functionality resulting, above all, from the requirements of ČEZ and of the regulatory authority, was added to the application for the calculation and print of invoices.

The invoicing system by DabiS.cz brings a number of advantages:

  • Increasing effectiveness of the whole invoicing process including the control apparatus
  • Reduction of costs related to invoicing for services or goods
  • Prevention of mistakes
  • Elimination of costs of issuance, print and sending of invoices
  • Reduction of volume of outstanding payments

Be informed of each invoice and bill in a much more effective way than up to now. Draw inspiration from ČEZ’s Albanian subsidiary and contact us!