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We’ll guard all your R&D approval processes

We implemented an R&D Intranet application for Carrier covering all processes managed by the corresponding department. The procedures of the R&D are set so as to administer automatically the environment of communication between all the departments taking part in the changes. Thanks to the tailor-made conceptual solution, complex and lengthy communication by e-mail or phone between several departments is no longer necessary. The R&D Intranet application centrally manages, monitors, and controls all processes taking place in your company, even simultaneous.

R&D solution grants easy and quick access to new information

Hundreds and thousand of manufacturing or process changed registered only in the form of Excel charts shared by a high number of users, non-unified deposits full of badly arranged data, without the possibility of any check – this was the initial state of the system of recording changes of the testing laboratory. We remedied it immediately, according to the demand from Carrier, by setting a simple change management in the direction of R&D.

The R&D application centrally manages project processes, and the development of products and services

The R&D Intranet application, modified specifically according to the requirements of Carrier’s testing laboratory, collects all data in a single place, ensures automatic monitoring of deadlines for the completion of tasks within each process, sends e-mail notifications automatically in the case of delay, displays warnings, and enables to check the speed of handling the requirements. Sophisticated reporting and a overall evaluation of the state of processes in progress and of trends, so as to make the procedures more effective in terms of time demands of each step, are matters of course