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From Excel charts and papers to European central database

We implemented online application into internal communication of Bosch Thermotechnik. Thus, a central data register for European countries came into existence. Chaotic communication with thousands of papers with Excel charts was replaced by complex automation.

Multiple split up registers of boilers and thermal pumps delivered, confusion in recording clients and their demands of servicing, maintenance, or prolongation of warranty, chaos instead of a well-arranged list of service partners – this was the initial state in which Bosch Thermotechnik contacted us with a clear requirement of introducing a system and order into the records, making work as swift and effective as possible, and unifying communication in each country of Central and Eastern Europe. The staff of the divisions of the company was then creating the records exclusively using Excel charts that were circulating, in various versions, among Bosch’s employees. Warranty repairs and the clearance thereof between the company and its service partners were then being solved slowly, in an obsolete way and offline, i.e. “on paper”. application registers installed thermal sources in a single place

Thus, we implemented Internet application which was launched gradually in a number of European countries, while other continents are to follow. A unified data structure was created this way to register equipment installed, end users, and their service demands. Now, the communication between Bosch and its service partners takes place within the TIS information system which has led to a quicker, fully electronic processing of the clearance of warranty repairs. Bosch now utilizes one data warehouse with data from the whole of Europe which includes central reporting tools enabling global evaluation of the current state of equipment installed, its reliability and failure rate, as well as comparing the quality of service partners’ services.