Problems with terminal management were solved by the Adbnet database application

Banking Information Technology, or Banit, a subsidiary company of the ČSOB bank for the management of payment cards, communicated ineffectively and chaotically with its service partners – by e-mails and without any unified database. Thanks to Internet application, all data are in a single place now and the communication between the mother company and the subsidiary obtained speed, system, and effectiveness.  

Banit and its mother ČSOB bank used a number of mutually disparate database in the management and operation of payments terminals. The communication with service partners, i.e. the external companies providing for the assembly and servicing of the terminals, took place in a disordered way, only by e-mails, and was not backed by a unified database. The partial databases were not mutually synchronized; some data had to be input from multiple places which of course had negative impact on the quality of data and the effectiveness when working with them. Direct communication between the databases of the mother ČSOB and the system enabling remote management of the terminals was completely missing.

Communication of the bank with its subsidiary, as well as the complete operational tasks in a single place

The implementation of the Internet application solved the ineffective management of payment terminals, as well as the missing direct communication. The application ensured the complete operation of the terminal. All communication between employees of the mother ČSOB, of Banit and of the service companies is now concentrated in this application, all data related to the mentioned issues are in a single data warehouse. Each piece of information is input only once, and data in general show higher quality. online application is directly interconnected with the system for remote management of payment terminals, and any instruction from the bank is shown in the configuration of the terminal as soon as possible.