Bosch’s Corporate Purchasing

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Data on suppliers from all over the world in a single place

We created Integrated Projects and Suppliers Information System (IPSIS) Intranet application, providing for overall processing of own data on suppliers and supplier projects from all over the world, for Corporate Purchasing, a division of Bosch. At last, each Bosch’s employee can find complex information from all the branches in a single place and in a unified form in a minute.

What is the condition of the project of your company’s sister branch located on the other side of the world? Communication need not have the form of endless phone calls and hundreds of e-mails. Thanks to the IPSIS application, all the necessary data of each country are fully centralized. There is only one common database of supplier, one common methodology for evaluating supplier audits, and one common register of projects for the whole company. All the projects and supplier information can be evaluated and compared against one another. For this reason, mutual cooperation of border purchasing clerks and auditors is much easier and more effective.

The IPSIS systems evaluates the current state of the supplier portfolio and compares trends in regions

The Integrated Projects and Suppliers Information System professional application was modified for several languages. It is used by Bosch’s staff in Europe, North America and Asia at present. Data are deposited in a central data warehouse to which several reporting tools are implemented to enable Bosch’s specialists to evaluate globally the current state of the supplier portfolio, each project, as well as commercial and quality trends in different regions. The result is an efficient and structures system of information available in real time to all Bosch’s employees worldwide.