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A single Intranet application replaced hundreds of disparate Excel records

We implemented the reliable AlcaMIS (Management Information System) Intranet application, processing unsorted data from databases, for Alcatel-Lucent. The application enables effective organization of documents, precise project planning, and regular comparing of results, instead of hundreds of various files and passive Excel charts.

Alcatel-Lucent demanded a substantial upgrade of its existing accounting in SAP. The aim was improving the planning of budgets, orders, costs, and sales within one, user-friendly information system.

Colleting, analyzing, interpreting and distributing information for your bookkeeping

The AlcaMIS Intranet application, which we recommended to Alcatel-Lucent and subsequently implemented to its in-house environment, is a quick and simple aid for any busy office. It plans projects, orders, costs, and sales, created budgets, converts currencies, sorts and assesses hundreds of budgets, adds real results from the bookkeeping and compares them with the numbers planned.

AlcaMIS Intranet application safely integrates information to a single place, providing users its own data quickly and in a well-arranged way, including a number of other reporting tools.