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Bosch Thermotechnik


From Excel charts and papers to European central database

We implemented online application into internal communication of Bosch Thermotechnik. Thus, a central data register for European countries came into existence. Chaotic communication with thousands of papers with Excel charts was replaced by complex automation.

Multiple split up registers of boilers and thermal pumps delivered, confusion in recording clients and their demands of servicing, maintenance, or prolongation of warranty, chaos instead of a well-arranged list of service partners – this was the initial state in which Bosch Thermotechnik contacted us with a clear requirement of introducing a system and order into the records, making work as swift and effective as possible, and unifying communication in each country of Central and Eastern Europe. The staff of the divisions of the company was then creating the records exclusively using Excel charts that were circulating, in various versions, among Bosch’s employees. Warranty repairs and the clearance thereof between the company and its service partners were then being solved slowly, in an obsolete way and offline, i.e. “on paper”. application registers installed thermal sources in a single place

Thus, we implemented Internet application which was launched gradually in a number of European countries, while other continents are to follow. A unified data structure was created this way to register equipment installed, end users, and their service demands. Now, the communication between Bosch and its service partners takes place within the TIS information system which has led to a quicker, fully electronic processing of the clearance of warranty repairs. Bosch now utilizes one data warehouse with data from the whole of Europe which includes central reporting tools enabling global evaluation of the current state of equipment installed, its reliability and failure rate, as well as comparing the quality of service partners’ services.

ČEZ Albania


Billing System – a progressive method of invoicing for large companies

Do you register thousands to millions of invoices each month? Save your time and labour and introduce the automated Billing System by in your company! Thanks to the modern and centralized Billing System, you keep a good track of all your financial receivables, all data are available in a single place, and a number of key data, like the index of bad payers, can be evaluated exactly.


Your keep a good track of each invoice with the Billing System

We developed a specific Billing System, which registers and checks all outgoing invoices issued to end customers, for the Albanian subsidiary of ČEZ. The program to make invoicing more effective replaced the existing, unsatisfactory billing systems which ČEZ had took over from Electricity Distribution Company of Albania (OSSH).

ČEZ’s Albanian subsidiary was issuing million of invoices for twenty areas of activity in twenty separate billing systems which had a different structure and a different user environment with different tools. We replaced the completely disparate system of invoice management, without any technical documentation, the majority of passwords, and without the support of the original authors, with a remarkably more modern and efficient Billing System.

We created a data warehouse in a very short period, which contained data from the twenty areas. we implemented en effective reporting enabling ČEZ to evaluate a number of key indicators in a more precise way and to detect the “non-technical losses” better. We unified data structure and functionality in the twenty locations, thus centralizing a completely new Billing Systems, within which a new functionality resulting, above all, from the requirements of ČEZ and of the regulatory authority, was added to the application for the calculation and print of invoices.

The invoicing system by brings a number of advantages:

Be informed of each invoice and bill in a much more effective way than up to now. Draw inspiration from ČEZ’s Albanian subsidiary and contact us!



Bosch’s Corporate Purchasing


Data on suppliers from all over the world in a single place

We created Integrated Projects and Suppliers Information System (IPSIS) Intranet application, providing for overall processing of own data on suppliers and supplier projects from all over the world, for Corporate Purchasing, a division of Bosch. At last, each Bosch’s employee can find complex information from all the branches in a single place and in a unified form in a minute.

What is the condition of the project of your company’s sister branch located on the other side of the world? Communication need not have the form of endless phone calls and hundreds of e-mails. Thanks to the IPSIS application, all the necessary data of each country are fully centralized. There is only one common database of supplier, one common methodology for evaluating supplier audits, and one common register of projects for the whole company. All the projects and supplier information can be evaluated and compared against one another. For this reason, mutual cooperation of border purchasing clerks and auditors is much easier and more effective.

The IPSIS systems evaluates the current state of the supplier portfolio and compares trends in regions

The Integrated Projects and Suppliers Information System professional application was modified for several languages. It is used by Bosch’s staff in Europe, North America and Asia at present. Data are deposited in a central data warehouse to which several reporting tools are implemented to enable Bosch’s specialists to evaluate globally the current state of the supplier portfolio, each project, as well as commercial and quality trends in different regions. The result is an efficient and structures system of information available in real time to all Bosch’s employees worldwide.



Banit ČSOB


Problems with terminal management were solved by the Adbnet database application

Banking Information Technology, or Banit, a subsidiary company of the ČSOB bank for the management of payment cards, communicated ineffectively and chaotically with its service partners – by e-mails and without any unified database. Thanks to Internet application, all data are in a single place now and the communication between the mother company and the subsidiary obtained speed, system, and effectiveness.  

Banit and its mother ČSOB bank used a number of mutually disparate database in the management and operation of payments terminals. The communication with service partners, i.e. the external companies providing for the assembly and servicing of the terminals, took place in a disordered way, only by e-mails, and was not backed by a unified database. The partial databases were not mutually synchronized; some data had to be input from multiple places which of course had negative impact on the quality of data and the effectiveness when working with them. Direct communication between the databases of the mother ČSOB and the system enabling remote management of the terminals was completely missing.

Communication of the bank with its subsidiary, as well as the complete operational tasks in a single place

The implementation of the Internet application solved the ineffective management of payment terminals, as well as the missing direct communication. The application ensured the complete operation of the terminal. All communication between employees of the mother ČSOB, of Banit and of the service companies is now concentrated in this application, all data related to the mentioned issues are in a single data warehouse. Each piece of information is input only once, and data in general show higher quality. online application is directly interconnected with the system for remote management of payment terminals, and any instruction from the bank is shown in the configuration of the terminal as soon as possible.



We’ll guard all your R&D approval processes

We implemented an R&D Intranet application for Carrier covering all processes managed by the corresponding department. The procedures of the R&D are set so as to administer automatically the environment of communication between all the departments taking part in the changes. Thanks to the tailor-made conceptual solution, complex and lengthy communication by e-mail or phone between several departments is no longer necessary. The R&D Intranet application centrally manages, monitors, and controls all processes taking place in your company, even simultaneous.

R&D solution grants easy and quick access to new information

Hundreds and thousand of manufacturing or process changed registered only in the form of Excel charts shared by a high number of users, non-unified deposits full of badly arranged data, without the possibility of any check – this was the initial state of the system of recording changes of the testing laboratory. We remedied it immediately, according to the demand from Carrier, by setting a simple change management in the direction of R&D.

The R&D application centrally manages project processes, and the development of products and services

The R&D Intranet application, modified specifically according to the requirements of Carrier’s testing laboratory, collects all data in a single place, ensures automatic monitoring of deadlines for the completion of tasks within each process, sends e-mail notifications automatically in the case of delay, displays warnings, and enables to check the speed of handling the requirements. Sophisticated reporting and a overall evaluation of the state of processes in progress and of trends, so as to make the procedures more effective in terms of time demands of each step, are matters of course




A single Intranet application replaced hundreds of disparate Excel records

We implemented the reliable AlcaMIS (Management Information System) Intranet application, processing unsorted data from databases, for Alcatel-Lucent. The application enables effective organization of documents, precise project planning, and regular comparing of results, instead of hundreds of various files and passive Excel charts.

Alcatel-Lucent demanded a substantial upgrade of its existing accounting in SAP. The aim was improving the planning of budgets, orders, costs, and sales within one, user-friendly information system.

Colleting, analyzing, interpreting and distributing information for your bookkeeping

The AlcaMIS Intranet application, which we recommended to Alcatel-Lucent and subsequently implemented to its in-house environment, is a quick and simple aid for any busy office. It plans projects, orders, costs, and sales, created budgets, converts currencies, sorts and assesses hundreds of budgets, adds real results from the bookkeeping and compares them with the numbers planned.

AlcaMIS Intranet application safely integrates information to a single place, providing users its own data quickly and in a well-arranged way, including a number of other reporting tools.