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Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014

Bosch Thermotechnik

  From Excel charts and papers to European central database We implemented online application into internal communication of Bosch Thermotechnik. Thus, a central data register for European countries came into existence. Chaotic communication with thousands of papers with Excel charts was replaced by complex automation. Multiple split up registers of boilers and thermal pumps  Více »

Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014

ČEZ Albania

  Billing System – a progressive method of invoicing for large companies Do you register thousands to millions of invoices each month? Save your time and labour and introduce the automated Billing System by in your company! Thanks to the modern and centralized Billing System, you keep a good track of all your financial  Více »

Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014

Bosch’s Corporate Purchasing

  Data on suppliers from all over the world in a single place We created Integrated Projects and Suppliers Information System (IPSIS) Intranet application, providing for overall processing of own data on suppliers and supplier projects from all over the world, for Corporate Purchasing, a division of Bosch. At last, each Bosch’s employee can find  Více »

Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014

Banit ČSOB

  Problems with terminal management were solved by the Adbnet database application Banking Information Technology, or Banit, a subsidiary company of the ČSOB bank for the management of payment cards, communicated ineffectively and chaotically with its service partners – by e-mails and without any unified database. Thanks to Internet application, all data are in  Více »

Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014


  We’ll guard all your R&D approval processes We implemented an R&D Intranet application for Carrier covering all processes managed by the corresponding department. The procedures of the R&D are set so as to administer automatically the environment of communication between all the departments taking part in the changes. Thanks to the tailor-made conceptual solution,  Více »

Vytvořeno: 3. June 2014


  A single Intranet application replaced hundreds of disparate Excel records We implemented the reliable AlcaMIS (Management Information System) Intranet application, processing unsorted data from databases, for Alcatel-Lucent. The application enables effective organization of documents, precise project planning, and regular comparing of results, instead of hundreds of various files and passive Excel charts. Alcatel-Lucent demanded  Více »